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June 02, 2010



You are one lucky bunny! I love that colourway-and I have alot of rhubarb growing in my garden so I figure I should have some one day. And yeah how do some people have so much Wollmeise-I never seem to be at the right spot at the right time. Its not like I don't have any yarn !


I plan to stalk her booth at Knit Nation this summer. You will be there stalking with me, right? We can even keep secrets from everyone else by speaking Swedish.


such beautiful colorway!

I spent a whole year wondering what on earth "rhabarber" was, having been told by my German hostess that I was enjoying her homemade "rhabarb' Konfitüre."
Only once I had rhubarb jam back in the States did I realize what it was!


LOL, I love that color too:-)Now the big question is what will you knit using it:-)


You were IN the shop in Pfaffenhofen?? You walked away from the yarn??? Oh, my. I'm sure you must have just come from the nearest Biergarten...


Yes, well... If you look at my blog post from October 2009 you´ll understand why my time in the Wollmeise shop was somewhat limited. Still, I did manage to buy some yarn for myself and a friend, so I didn´t come away empty handed. Afterwards I regretted not buying more, of course. I can´t blame this failure on anything – I was stone sober.

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