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June 30, 2010



wow it looks so nice,please tell us about the holiday when you get back:-) I bet you'll be inspired by the colors of your surroundings,so I'm looking forward to see what new creations you'll reveal to us. Enjoy and look forward to the new postings:-)


Enjoy the trip! I was there 10 years ago...before I'd learned to knit...now I need to go there to go on a yarn hunt as well!


Happy hunting!


It looks like a wonderful time of relaxation! Please post pictures when you get back home, especially ones with 'sheep' in them. I long to go to Scotland!

I discovered your blog whilst admiring your lovely patterns.....I think I'm going to have to knit ALL of them!


have a fantastic time in scotland, i am jealous - all that fresh air and i am sure an abundance of inspiration for you.


I cannot wait to hear about your adventure. :) I was on Skye once and the weather was gorgeous!

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