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March 15, 2010


Janet Kelley

It's gorgeous too!


It looks fantastic:-)If you can knit a bikini to make anyone look slimmer LOL, you'll become a millionaire in Hollywood! I love the sweater, you did a great job.


It's lovely!

Gunilla T

Grattis! Otroligt vacker!


Hej, den är fantastiskt fin! Grattis! B (vi träffades en gång på Hurtigs :-)

Tenna Draper

Very, very nice! Love the colors! As for the bottom, pick up some stitches from 5 rows up and knit down, then kitchner.

For the neck, I would just do a 5 or 6 round of 1x1 ribbing, and surely no more than 2 x 2, made with the main color of the sweater, then one contrasting color from the sweater that will stand out.


I'm de-lurking to say - you are very pretty and very funny :) and the stuff you make is ridiculously gorgeous and impossible, and I really look forward to updates on your blog :)


Beautiful job! Love the colors and it looks great on you.


Well done - it looks fabulous.You don't need to lok slim. You ARE slim. Loving the knitting.


Fantastik!! Kjempe fint!!! You are an inspiration to those of us who knit with colors, and those who don't but wish they could!!


Thank you, Tenna!
I think I´ll make the bottom the same as on another sweater that I have, with a picot edge and a facing. I´ll see if that will work.

And I´d quite like to have some pattern on the neckband, even if a ribbing always look nice. At first I was going to have the same border as on the bottom of the sweater, but I think it will be too big.

But I still need to knit a second sleeve, so I have some more time to think about it.


Thank you for de-lurking, Rina! I love discovering who might be reading this blog. And what a nice comment it was, too!


No, it´s the sweater – I promise you. It hides all the lumps! But thank you.


CONGRATULATIONS! That looks great.


Visst är det roligt när man närmar sig ett avslut! Fantastiskt fin tröja! Klär dig jättebra.


Sticka gärna en slimbikini till mig också :)


You and the sweater are beautiful!

Gunilla T

Om min kamera.
Nej jag kan nog inte rekommendera den. Den har t ex ingen blixt.

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