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March 26, 2010



grattis grattis grattis and enormous giggling fun elise.

happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Elise! What a wonderful day and way to spend together!


Happy Birthday Elise. My Sarah just turned 12 2 weeks ago. Sounds like a great birthday trip.

BTW what is the yarn and pattern in the scarf you are wearing? It is beautiful too!!


Elise says thank you for all the birthday wishes!

The yarn in my scarf is a handdyed Swedish yarn called Färgkraft (Colour Power) and the pattern is the plain old Flower basket, that I really love.


That was a great birthday present and a wonderful memory to have forever. Mayber she'll request some of the knitted items seen in Harry Potter? I'm a big fan and LOL since I've learned to knit I really start to notice itmes worn in movies now:-)


Fina fina Elise!! Hon var ju fullkomligt bedårande som ettåring. Och helt underbar som tolvåring också. Det har fördelar att ha stora barn, t.ex. London isf Skånegläntan!

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