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January 02, 2010


Tenna Sutfin

Sigh. When are you planning to post the pattern for the hat and mittens? I am waiting with baited breath!!!


They are both beautiful, with a slight preference for the white...

Agnes Argan

I find your hats wonderful. I prefer the last one, with black as background colour.


Gunilla T

Fantastiskt vackra båda två, men jag tycker nog att den svarta är lite snyggare.


I love them both, but I think I love the white best.


Både lua og vottene er lekre! Jeg tror det skal bli en del sjal og votter i år. Jeg er lei av sokker nå. Godt nyttår til deg og dine følgere!


Båda fantastiskt fina på lite olika sätt: den vita vacker på ett något mer romantiskt sätt och den svarta på ett dramatiskt sätt, tycker jag - och är nog en aning mer svag för den svarta.

God fortsättning på det nya året!


Thank you, Tenna! That´s great to hear. I have to confess that I´ve been a bit lazy over the holidays. I also started knitting a few last minute Christmas gifts so now I´m a bit behind my schedule. It will be my New Year´s resolution to write up the pattern asap, though.


Jag säger som en känd artist som vi lyssnar väldigt mycket på här hemma: "It don't matter if you're black or white". Gott nytt 2010!


Ege bela!


What an incredible assortment of treasures! I join the "slight preference for the white hat" group, because the colors really pop.

The gerbil mittens...precious! The thumb is so cute! I'm sorry for your loss!


Oh my, its a tough call indeed.Considering the time of year when daylight is less, I'll go for the White version as I love daylight:-), the White one gives a comforting glow.


The hat is gorgeous and I love it white especially. So sad about the gerbil mittens, but very typical of gerbils to disappear.

Phyllis Holder

I would love to have the patterns for your hat and mittens! Wonderful....


Both hats are just gorgeous, but I think the white one is just perfect for winter. It's so nice to see something so bright and cheery!


båda är underbara, men för mig själv gillar gjag den vita bäst. Det var synd om vantarna. Jag har själv tappat bort mina finaste vantar på en tågstation i dalarna för några år sedan. man sörjer dem nästan som man skulle sörja en förlorad vän. Jag säger bara detta. snöre! Jag vet att många tycker att det är bara för småungar, men jag har faktiskt sett många fashionabla tjejer, damer o tantar med sina egna vantsnören.


All hats are just adorable!!!!
God fortsättning på det nya stickåret!!


D Louise

I love both hats and am waiting impatiently for the pattern, but the black one is the one which makes my heart go pitter patter...


Oh, I´m so glad to see that someone likes the poor black hat. I´ve taken to wearing all the time so it wont feel sorry for itself. A mother loves all her children.
 And the pattern is almost ready, just a few finishing touches needed!

Lucia Fix


Last week I was in Stockholm and saw a beautiful hat in a knitting shop. The shopowner told us we could get the pattern of the hat if we bought the wool we needed for it in the shop. But the hat was knitted of rainbow wool which she didn't sell. The name on the pattern said "Karin the kurbits hat". On the internet i found your blog and a photo of the hat. As I really love the pattern (in combination with the beautiful wool), I hope it is possible to find the pattern to knit the hat. Is it possible to e-mail me a pattern, or just a pattern of a blank hat, without the Swedish pattern? I hope you read my e-mail and react.

With kind regards,

Lucia Fix



I am also very interested in the pattern! I bought the rainbow wool yesterday and now I am searching for a pattern or something similar. But the original pattern would still be the BEST!

Regards from Germany,

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