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January 24, 2010



gå tillbaka till garnaffären med garnet!

eller gå åtminstone dit med sjalen och visa dom resultatet - kanske fick du ett kasst nystan!

jag röstar på tröjan! jag har väntat länge på att få se den färdig:D

Linda Knower

Consider picking up your last row of red/brown on one or two long needles and then cutting off that red that you're not happy with. You can then get a different red or even a brown and keep going. Let another knitting friend or child help you by ripping back the cut off red piece to salvage the beads - or, just snip them out yourself. When you know you're unhappy with something, it's very hard to get the grueling part done, but I bet any knitting friend would sit with you while you charge ahead and rip while they talk - or snip out beads. The red won't be a total waste - it's so hard for us to throw out yarn. You can use it doubled in other projects that just need a bit of color here and there (you ARE the color woman), or for felting, or making quickie stitch markers. Hope this helps.


I just can't advise on the shawl, but will cast my vote for more mittens for the Olympic knitting.


i vote fairaisle sweater gorgeous fall color fairaisle sweater.

unreliable yarn is worse then an unreliable car. just the remote possibility of the yarn tearing would piss me off enough to try felting it. but hmmm, that would just be me in a bad mood impulse. natural fiber is one thing. unreliable is another. wish i had more of an answer then commiseration.


Hi, I cast my vote for the cat/dog mittens :-)
I'm sorry about the red yarn, if I had any I'd glady send it to you. If your heart is truly not happy with how it is turning, and you just can't bear to look at it or continue working it then I advise you to rip it. Not to say that you need to do it now, it could be banished to the land of unfinished objects or wait for one of those bad weather days when you prefer to stay in. Hang in there.


Kanske det kunnde vara värt ett försök att göra en provlapp och blocka den för att se om den håller.


Oh hold on to the red shawl..finish it, I bet it will hold up better than you imagine. When I knit with Noro sock yarn, there are parts of it that break spontaneously without the least bit of tugging. I made my chid a vest with it and it's held up pretty well (this, the child that stuffs her sweaters without any regard, into her backpack). What would you gain for frogging other than the painful headache of all that work without reward?

I vote for the Fair Isle sweater, your work is so lovely.

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