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December 13, 2009



härliga vantar, och tack för linket till Ivars blog, så många fina saker.
hälsningar från Island


Vad fint det blir!
Har precis fått int Zauberball i rosa/vitt/grönt...vet inte varför jag tänkte på dej direkt moahaha


Jag ser ett besök i en viss garnbutik inom en snar framtid... Men så är jag ju också lite synsk!


Hej Fríða!
Så fantastiskt att ha en bloggläsare från Island! Vilken fin blogg du har.

Och Ivar stickar som en gud. 



Love the mittens!

Two of the sweaters behind him are Meg Swansen's "Russian Prime"! It's in both the Interweave "Meg Swanzsen's Knitting" and in a 'Woolgathering'.

Tenna Draper

Just want to say that I can't wait until you put out a pattern for those Kurbits...but I have a question. I see you use a piece of waste yarn to mark thumb stitches--so your mitts have no increases to allow the thumb to hang out to the side? I'm familiar with the technique, have never made a pair for myself because I fear the tightness when I stick out my thumb--how is that handled?


Hi Tenna!

I make a thumb gusset. I increase the mitten by approximately 15 stitches that make plenty of room for the thumb. 

When the mitten is finished I remove the waste yarn, pick up the stitches for the thumb on the top and bottom, plus and extra on each side and knit the thumb. It´s real easy. But I still put off doing it for as long as possible because I´m so lazy!


the yarn on the latest mittens turned out soo well! one never knows somehow no matter how much experience we have. looking forward to seeing how they are changed by a white background.

god jul o gott nytt år


I love the color combination on the Karin the Kurbitsmitten. You mentioned that the colored yarn is Zauberball; what is the black one? I want to make sure I have something comparable. Then I'll just have to wait until the pattern is available!

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