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December 06, 2009



Love, love, love both those mitten designs! Wow!


Will there be a pattern for sale soon for Flower Power?


Kurbitsvanten Karin is just the thing for a cold and gray winter day! I've been itching to knit some stranded mittens and will keep an eye out for this pattern to (hopefully) pop up soon!


Love the Kurbitsvanten Karin! Guess it will go in my queue along with all the others I purchased from Loopy.

Ruth Martin

Beautiful! Except the carnations look more like thistles to me...anybody else see thistles? Hope these two patterns will be available soon! Winter has just arrived here in Ottawa (Canada).


Wow. I have been looking for a mitten pattern all over the web. Kurbitsvanten Karin is hands down (yes, I crack myself up) the best. When/where will the pattern be available?


I also see the thistle, Ruth.
Johanne, of course the flowers and patterns are beautiful, everything you do is. But I esp like the rib around the wrist, genius!

Tenna Sutfin

OOOOO! I want that pattern! Flower power!

And yeah, I see thistles. Who wouldn't?


Wow! Kurbitsvanten Karin är ju to die for! Vill haaaa!!


Lovely lovely lovely!!! Must have! Will there be a pattern available? Soon I hope!


Hi Anna!
Thank you so much – I´m still working on the patterns. The biggest problem is the lack of daylight to take good photographs in. But soon it will start getting lighter again. 

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This is perfect for winter season.


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