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November 23, 2009


Gunilla T

Mycket söta! Både vantarna och ökenråttorna. Håller tummarna att de inte ska rymma.


is the number at the top '06'?


The number at the top is actually 08.

That is because this pattern was also a free pattern for the members of the Swedish knitting community "Sticka". Last week there was a "Mitten Event" about regional patterns and I decided to make a "Stockholm mitten".

08 is the prefix for telephone numbers in the Stockholm area and also a nickname for us who live there.

And because rats are so common in a big city like Stockholm I thought it would be suitable to make a mitten all call it "08-rat". In Swedish it even rhymes: "08-råtta".


entrådigt rosagrönt finns att tillgå


Wow, how lucky to have a mom like you!

Barbro Ager

Underbara vantar, Johanne
och Elise!!!
Jättejättefint mönster.
Råttsvansar är ju det man minst längtar efter, men som mönsterelement är de ju bara väldigt dekorativa.
Verkligen gulliga rådisar också.
Själv har jag bara dammråttor - och möss i källaren...


3 members are an okay start, here is the link on how to


Will you be offering the gerbil pattern on the Loopy Ewe? Excellent pattern!


Fantastska!! Lyllos Elise! Så sjyssta vantar! Och VÄLDIGT gulliga gerbiler!


I'm not keen on Gerbils- we were over-run with them when I was a girl (escaped from the local special school!)But I LOVE your Gerbil mitts. How talented you are!

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