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June 25, 2009



Wow, a button shop! What an awesome collection. And an awesome grandma to let the children play with her treasures.
Very pretty living room.
Both sets of mittens are beautiful. I love the photo with the flowers and the mittens. Very artsy.


The mittens are lovely, as usual. I like pink but the colour of the Wollmeise is stunning!

Wow! I love your mother's living room and the buttons? You'll never need to buy any!


Vilka vackra bilder, speciellt den utan tumme. Och vilket hem din mamma har...jag får knapppanik:-)


Fina bilder, enastående vantar, vackra människor och en passande miljö för allt stickat!


I also say WOW to the button collection! What a treat when you need some to go searching thru all those beauties.

Lovely mittens...will the patterns we available thru The Loopy Ewe at some point?


Ooo, I love Hjordis. I hope it will be for sale...


The buttons are just delightful! Does your mother ever let you have any for anything you're knitting? I can certainly understand why everyone loves them!

And that Wollmeise is simply stunning. What is the name of the colorway? I actually caught one of her updates recently, so now I'm hooked, and her blues are so beautiful.

And your mittens continue to be even more beautiful all the time. You are so talented!


Vilket hus! ("Oh my God" som lilla räkan börjat säga.) Både Tyra och Hjördis gör sig myk pretty in pink, även om det säker är helgerån att hålla på sädår :-)


Jag visste väl att garnet kom i rätta händer

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