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May 24, 2009



Du är ju livsfarlig, jag kommer ju trilla av cykeln i försök att se dina vackra fönsterprydnader:-)


glöm lössen, dom går att få bort, men det kräver intensivt arbete med svamp, såpa och vinsyra - men det funkar.

men för att ta väsentligheterna... när tänker du börja sälja dina mönster som downloads på ravelry???

jag vill också sticka ett par sådana vantar!


You mean that we could paid for this activity??!! WhooHoo, I want to be a yarn winder too!
Can't wait to see the newest mitts. Love the colours.


Nydelige votter!!


That's sad to lose your plants. The mittens look great in the window, even if it is spring.
I love winding yarn, too! It is part anticipation of the finished product, part admiration of the yarn itself and lastly, the mesmerizing action of the winder. Kids love it except they tend to see how fast they can wind which can end with some tangles!
The yarn for your new mittens is very pretty. I am looking forward to seeing them in progress.


The yarns are so pretty -- what kind are they? And I agree with other commenters that the mittens look pretty in the window. Even though I'd never seen real mitten blockers before -- I guess I've never lived anywhere cold enough, at least not as a knitter!

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