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February 08, 2009



Wow. I nearly gasped when I saw the hat. You are incredibly gifted with this color and pattern thing. Wow. And your daughter is really, really beautiful. Please don't put photos of her on the internet.


Åhhh, så fin den var og så vakker jente du har :D)


This is such a very charming hat! Will you publish the pattern for it? It would be very popular!

Linda "K" in Seattle


That hat is astonishingly cute. I want one!


Wow you did a wonderful job on that hat it looks great you daughter is so cute.


I want the pattern too!!!


LOVE the hat, the colours are gorgeous. Your daughter is very photogenic!

Gunilla T


Gina Ritchie

Love the hat! I have 3 young ladies here that would love it too. Is this one of your own designs? And any chance that it is for sale?


Ja, använder hon inte denna finnsdet ingen räddning..


Your pretty daughter looks like she loves her new hat. What a wonderful design. You really have a talent for making beautiful knits.


You have got to start publishing your patterns -- they are just gorgeous! And what a great way to outsmart your daughter. Aren't they fun at that age? Sigh... The good news is they do grow up and turn human again.

Quite seriously, though -- you have just an astonishing talent for pattern design. Please consider finding a way to either publish the patterns individually or, even better, talking to a publisher. I would buy a book of your designs in a heartbeat!

Beth in Maryland

That is the most perfect knitted object I've ever seen. I am in awe.


I just love the hat you knitted. I have several nieces who would love it as well. I truly hope you publish the pattern. I so envy your talent to create patterns.


Vad fin hon är Elise (det tyckte jag förut också!). Och vilken söt mössa :) Vi satt och pratade om mössor igår. M tyckte jag skulle be dig sticka en cafe latte-mössa till mig. Fast då tycker jag M måste en ölmössa.


Please make this hat pattern available for sale. I'm a big dog lover.


I wanted to add my name to the list of "I wish I could purchase that pattern". My granddaughter would love it!
Beautiful. Please let me know if and when it is for sale.

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