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January 25, 2009



What a fierce (and adorable) knight! Wonderful chain mail too. ;o)


I guess he wants to sleep in the outfit now.
Looks great!

I hope that you are all over the worst part and up and knitting again.


Very cute! Beautiful outfit and a really cute kid :^)

BTW - I just bought the lovely Signe mittens pattern from The Loopy Ewe (http://www.theloopyewe.com)

I can't wait to try and make them. Many thanks to you and Wendy :^}


Again, I stand in awe of your knitting accomplishments! I ***love** that dragon sweater.


Wendy sent me. Wow! This is what knitting is all about. He's great!


I came via Wendy's blog and she is correct, the photo is full of cuteness!! the sweater is marvellous, well done!!
Ludvig is a handsome boy

and the photo in previous post shows a pretty woman


Your son is just adorable. Thankyou so much for sending patterns to TLE. Can't wait to try some. Congratulations for your great work.

Darlene Garner

Came via Wendy's blog also to see your adorable knight. Cute poses and adorable outfit!

Carol B

Another coming via Wendy's blog to see your incredibly cute (but fierce ,vbg>) little knight. Love the sweater!

Dorothy Bunch

Your son is absolutely adoreable. I was over visiting Wendy and she said we had to come and see your son in his armour. Your work is amazing! I also saw your patterns and they are gorgeous!


I found your blog by way of Wendy Knits.
You son looks awesome! And now all the fair maidens will sleep better knowing there's a strong, courageous knight nearby. (love the dragon sweater, by the way.)


Dear Ludvig: Your chain maille and dragon sweater are Awesome!


beautiful child, cool knit gear!

Aunt Kathy

Ok that is the best Knight In Shining Knitted Armour I have ever seen.


Found you via Wendy. Awesome sweater! My boys (now 24 and 19) would have loved to have that back in the day.


Boy, kids with the flu...that sounds like the rerun of the comic "For Better or Worse" - look it up and look a the comic for January 27.
Love the chain maille!


Who are we calling cute? You, that's who!!!!


You have a seriously adorable kid in a seriously adorable outfit. What is even better is that I can sit here in Indiana, USA and look at this adorable kid in his adorable outfite in Sweden!


Just a driveby from Wendyknits--that is some seriously fantastic armor and sweater! Way to go!


coming via Wendy -- he is so very cute (and fiercely dangerous!!!) in his knitted sweater and armor. Thank you for posting this and I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this!!!


I would be shaking in my boots to come across such a fierce knight, if he only were not so adorable. Love the sweater!!!

Seanna Lea

Also via Wendy.

That is a gorgeous sweater and an adorable little boy in it!


Wendy sent me too :)
The Signe mitts are beautiful - looks like the Loopy Ewe is out already? I'll check back later for restocking. In the meantime, Please, tell me - is that dragon sweater your own design? Will you be selling that pattern because I really really really really want it. I have a three year old who would be magnificent in it.
Looking forward to reading further posts!

miss sandra

OMG you have the cutest kids! And the knits aren't bad either. Awesome!



that's the sound of keeling over.

you make stuff that could not be better: the kid, the sweater, the hood.

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