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January 28, 2009



Would love to this pattern. My DIL is a dragon-lover and this would just delight her. Ludwig is a lucky boy to have such a talented mother.


Wow! Those are beautiful.


i read wendy's post before yours and couldn't figure out why you hadn't told the world we could buy those awesome patterns in the US now! those mittens were really great, i'm glad they're accessible to me now.


Where can we order the hat pattern? (I wish it was adult sized...I'm such a geek) Loopy Ewe? So beautiful. And please please please for the sweater pattern. I'll go post pleading comments on Wendy's blog too....
Thanks for answering our questions about them so rapidly.


Wow - I know some adults who would love having a hat like this one.. Patterns: frankly you should set up your own web merchant shop and sell all yourself - on Ravelry or via Twist Collective - I was ready to buy your patterns but the shop who had it sold it all out !!! Snif! Snif!

Debbi Young

I just love the dragon hat - and the pictures in the knitted armor - lovely. Ludvig is adorable and an absolutely excellent hat model!

Susanna in Seattle

Grattis till din amerikanska debut!

Om du någon gång skulle behöva översättningshjälp så hör av dig!


I love the dragon sweater and hat. Such a handsome model,too.


That's a lovely hat - I have a son who now wants one as well!

I'll keep an eye out for the pattern :)

Blessings to you both!


The hat is terrific and your son is very handsome in it. I hope you write up the dragon hat pattern soon!


Beautiful work! Lovely blog! I'll keep checking back for pattern links. I have put patterns up on patternfish dot com. I use a free version of PDF maker, and try to track my knitting by keeping a text log on my computer so it's a bit easier to copy/paste.

Syd T.

Your designs are fun and gorgous! And you could never go wrong with such an adorable model!!! We are pretty happy that Wendy has turned you on to us as well! Really love that hat!


Oh my gosh! That hat is fantastic! I'd love to knit one of those...


Gorgeous hat! Please do publish it, in English -- my adult daughter would adore one (and I probably wouldn't object to making one for myself, either!)!

You do simply beautiful work, and Ludwig is simply too adorable for words. He makes a terrific hat model, too!


That is such a wonderful hat!If you make the pattern available, I may have to buy it. The colour contrasts are great,too.


Wonderful: hat AND model.


Dragons are good, and they create heat which we all ned this time of year! Wonder about trolls...


Great hat. I'd love to see the pattern become available.


That's brilliant news! Well done :-)

I loved the armour pics too!


Please, please make the dragon sweater and hat patterns available in English- they're so cute! (As is your son...)

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