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October 26, 2008



As I didn't have enough fear of the sleeves in the fisherman's jumper I'm (trying to avoid) working on, you've now added to it! I mean, if you have trouble with sleeves, and you are far more experienced in designing your own knitting than I am, just imagine what might happen to my would-be horribel mess of a jumper!! Aaarrgghh!

(I suppose this is my cry for help - hint, hint.) ;-)


Grattis! Du är världens mest tålmodiga. Om jag hade hamnat i samma ärmtrubbel hade jag senast efter andra upprippningen (vad heter den in Swedish? Jag kan inte stickterminologin.) kastat tröjan i papperskorgen och mutat dess utsedda mottagare med star wars-leksaker istället. Grattis till dig. Och till Ludvig.

Carrie K

The third time's the charm. Besides how cruel could fate be?

The Dragon sweater looks good! I suppose a vest is out of the question....

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