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July 23, 2008



Even if they are not pink -- in any shade -- both are gorgeous. I haven't seen Poetry in Stitches before. Now, I must go look it up. Elizabeth was already on my list of items to do. Your photos confirm my choice!

While I do mourn the loss of your camera, I do like seeing these 'older' photos!

Your wedding photos were lovely. I hope the children will have many happy memories of the event as do you and your husband.

Gunilla T

Vi sa ju att den var jättesnygg! Du gör helt fantastiska plagg. Jag vill gärna sända dig en kommentar med mina djupaste sympatier för att du måste vara på jobbet när det äntligen blivit riktig sommar! Jag älskar semester.


you have such a great figure everything fits perfectly... even all my projects that aren't even for you!

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